Sunday, September 21, 2008

Over the Rainbow: My hopes and dreams

When I stepped onto campus nearly five years ago as a freshman, I never dreamed that my journey would lead me HERE! I once thought that simply getting a Bachelor's degree would be "Reaching for the STARS! After I quickly realized that goal, I found myself not knowing what I really wanted out of this whole college thing. I knew my undergraduate degree would get me several places and help me secure a decent paying job. OnE PrObLeM: A degree in English=cubicle=boring. I feel I am too much of an extrovert and creative thinker to be crammed in a box all day. From studying for my minor in communication, I realized what I really enjoyed was Public Relations. Thus, I developed a new plan: go to grad school and get a Master's degree that would get me to were I want to be professionally.

This is where my second set of goals come into play: do something great, do the unexpected, take on a challenge. As a first generation college student, I see the value of a great education. Having an education will allow me to do things my parents were unable to do, and I know that makes them proud as well. I have never done anything on the small scale, I try to over achieve, have big asperations, and take on everything I can to get me where I want to be. Though sometimes this lands me in major FrEakOut mode, I am proud of my accomplishments and have learned many valuable lessons doing things on my own.

With this random and brief backgound in mind, I now come to the question: Where do I want all of this to take me five years from now? Sometimes I think your guess is as good as mine :) However, for right now, my goal is to make it out of Grad school alive and get a PR job where I can really show off my skills. I want to be challenged, have fun, and be a asset to whatever staff I join. I think if I can accomplish these goals after two more years of hard work, I will be pleased!

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JRi said...

Simply the fact that you said you want to be challenged is evidence enough for me to know that you'll make it just fine. So many people out there seek the easy route and quick buck… Stick to your plan and I’m sure you’ll make it out grad school a-okay. Plus, creatives always come up with a way to make things work =)