Monday, October 6, 2008

To Blog or not to Blog

According to B.L. Ochman's September 2008 article in Advertising Age, there are 10 reasons that a company should not blog. She states that blogs are OFTEN boring, impersonal, unoriginal, and time consuming--among other things. In addition, a good blogger must be a active part of the blog community. However, this activity is no substitute for marketing, advertising, a quick fix, or a cheap solution, and you can't guarantee traffic.

In my opinion, this article is a prime example for people who are fans of the good ol' closed system. Though Ms. Ochman has a valid point, blogging is an extensive process that takes skill, dedication, and research--it can be a valuable tool when utilized correctly by a company CEO.

Indeed, blogging is a phenomenon that is not yet completely predictable. My opinion: SO WHAT!! If you have the dedication, time, expertise, and creative voice to communicate with others through blog, go for it. Thought the market isn't always predictable or reliable, it can never hurt to give it a good shot!


keshia said...

I completely agree with you; why not give blogging a try? As far as how she says that blogging is impersonal...that's true, it's definitely less personal than a face-to-face or even phone conversation. However, if comes down to using a newsletter as a channel of communication or a blog to communicate, I feel that a blog would be a much more effective tool. A blog that can be informal and personalized to the author is much more personable than a standard, formal newsletter. I think Ochman needs to give blogs a try!

whatsnext said...

hello amanda - i think you should read my post again.

i DID NOT SAY all blogs are boring, for god's sake.

and you should know that i've been blogging for seven years, have an audience of hundreds of thousands, and am the biggest proponent of blogging you may ever have met.

what i said was that corporations shouldn't blog if they're not prepared to walk the walk and talk the talk - and a good blog ain't easy.
B.L. Ochman
What's Next Blog

Susan333 said...


Great work!


AmandaK said...

Thanks Keisha,
I'm glad that you agree that blogs can be personal and a great channel for communication. I think that in order to stay with the times, organizations should consider trying a blog. I did not hope to insinuate that anyone and everyone should just take a shot in the dark. Learning about blog communities and creating a GOOD blog, can be a very profitable tool to keep an organization's name out there.

krseRN said...

Love the pic!! Hilarious! It totally captures what I am afraid of when it comes to blogging. You addressed it as well. Keeping it up! I am the worst about finishing a book or keeping up diary/journal. How in the world can I keep up a blog? But, I have and I kinda like it! It's way better and personalized than just simply typing something up and turning it in. This way our classmates can see what we are thinking as well as the rest of the world. I love it! I also love the fact that whatsnext actually responded to your post. Too cool!