Monday, November 24, 2008


A podcast is a series of audio or video files which is distributed over the internet by syndicated download, through Web feeds, to portable media players and personal computers (yep, that's straight from Wikipedia )
Many moons ago--alright, maybe two weeks ago--I wasn't really for sure what a podcast was. Have I used it? Have I seen one? Do I have to have an iPod? These answers to these questions (yes, yes, and no) are answered from the simple definition above. The question that most confused me (the whole iPod issue) is a viable question. Podcasts were developed for the Apple iPod, but with the new distribution possibilities, podcasts open a world of opportunity for everyone...particularly PR people.

Incorporating podcasts onto your company's Web site could provide a new and hip way to connect with your publics. By posting a link on your company's page, you let new (and returning) visitors know that your company is a forerunner, and you have something you want everyone to see (or hear). Just having this technology available to your publics will catch the interest of your audience and transport information and new ideas directly to them through media. This tool will prove to be a beneficial way of interacting with publics and can have a powerful impact on your organization in the future.

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Jameser said...

Haha, I was in the same boat. Until this class I had no idea how a podcast even worked. I too thought that I had to have an ipod to enjoy them. It's amazing this class makes me feel like I am so far behind in "new technology". I am so glad that this class has taught me so much.